New Visions leverages the expertise of a diverse set of teams, both within our Affinity Unit and across the organization, to support Affinity schools. The descriptions below summarize the work of each of these teams.

The Core Affinity team works primarily with principals and their teams to provide embedded coaching and direct support. This work places particular emphasis on developing effective and sustainable administrative and instructional systems. Each Affinity school is matched to a Continuous Improvement Coach, who works with school leadership to improve critical systems in schools. The Core Affinity Team is led by two Directors of School Support who are responsible for aligning New Visions resources with the needs of schools as they work to expand their capacity and impact.

New Visions curriculum work is focused on the development of course level curricula organized around high quality open source materials, a common scope and sequence and high quality balanced assessments. Instructional coaches work with teachers from schools in a variety of curriculum pilots to develop these curricula and provide coaching and professional development to teachers to ensure that they have the instructional strategies to successfully adapt these to their classrooms.

The Data Analytics Team brings sophisticated data analysis and analytical tools to bear on the most critical questions of practice for practitioners. Currently, this team is focused on developing predictive analytics to inform effective decision making and student supports, building flexible data infrastructure to allow educators to more effectively access and utilize data and expanding the range of data dashboards available to teachers, administrators and district staff.

The Systems Team is made up of software developers, who have deep knowledge of schools, as well as of systems integrators, who provide coaching and professional development to teachers and administrators in the use of technology. This team builds web applications and spreadsheet tools, which are currently being used in over two hundred NYC schools, as well as a growing collection of free Google Add Ons which are being used by over one hundred thousand educators. Much of this teams work can be found on the Cloud Lab site. 

The Talent Development Unit at New Visions oversees residency programs for aspiring teachers and administrators which involve partnerships with New Visions schools to add capacity, provide embedded and relevant training and to create a pipeline of educators prepared to meet the needs of schools.

In order to support schools in successfully recruiting high quality candidates for teaching positions, the New Visions Talent Acquisition Team engages in a number of activities including generation of a candidate pool through partnerships with teacher training programs, matching of candidates to school vacancies, support for candidate screening and interviews and hiring fairs.