With the implementation of 4+1, students have multiple pathways for fulfilling exam requirements needed for graduation.  This adds a layer of complexity for schools in prioritizing which exams a student should sit for. This check-in is designed to allow school staff to strategically plan for Regents exam registration and to ensure that students are in preparatory activities regardless of whether they need credits in the subject.

Identify which exam(s) a student will be sitting for in the next Regents administration window. Ensure students are corresponding courses or preparatory activities for the exam. Determine if any additional activities need to be offered to provide students with sufficient preparation.

The Student Planning Web App visualizes a student's progress toward meeting Regents requirements for the full range of different NYS diploma types and allows a school to view a student's exam history alongside their current course program to assist with the thoughtful scheduling for the upcoming exam administration.  The web app also allows schools to modify a student's exam schedule, log notes or flag the student for additional review.  Staff can easily toggle between students.

The Regents Prep Planning and Attendance Tool is a Google Sheet that launches from the student sorter and allows schools to organize non-STARS-scheduled prep activities for Regents examinations.  In its most basic functionality, this is a report for the school to view the list of students who will sit for exams and any corresponding courses in which they are enrolled. These data can then be used to plan additional preparatory activities.  Advanced features of the tool allow for teachers of prep activities to be sent a link to a spreadsheet that contains all their students and a link to an online web app which allows them to record attendance. Attendance records are aggregated to provide administrators a birds-eye view to guide attendance interventions to ensure consistent participation.

Guidance Counselors