Keeping track of students who are at risk for failing critical courses and responding to their needs for additional support is a critical activity for ensuring student success. This check-in supports that activity by prioritizing courses, identifying students at risk and facilitating the comprehensive planning of interventions to support student success.

Identify students who are in danger of failing high priority courses. Assign staff members responsible for interventions. Analyze key performance trends and highlight variation to establish priorities. 

The Marking Period Grade Analyzer is a spreadsheet tool that assigns a priority level for each course a student is enrolled in based on what is necessary for timely graduation and interim indicators of student performance. The basic functionality of the tool allows schools to view grades for students by marking period, by course, by subject and by teacher.  Critical student groups are identified and a school can create custom student groups to highlight for interventions.  Marking Period Grade reports can be generated to support the conversations with students and the design of action plans.  Advanced features of the tool allow administrators to tally notes entered for each of the student's intervention plans and the content of updates can be viewed with a single click.