Graduation planning is a key task done by the beginning of year four for every student to create the basis for close collaboration between all staff members involved in scheduling and supporting students in meeting their goals. 

Review all students entering year 4 and establish a best case graduation plan which includes intended diploma type and graduation date. Record these plans in the student sorter as a common reference for course, Regents and intervention planning.

The Student Sorter is a school-specific Google spreadsheet that provides schools with both comprehensive student level data and school-wide dashboards with over150 variables. Columns in the Sorter allow for schools to enter intended student outcomes including a student’s expected diploma type, progress towards earning 10+ credits for the school year, next scheduled Regents, and expectations for meeting CUNY benchmarks. These plans populate dashboards to provide a clear picture of where plans stand in relation to ongoing student progress. 

Guidance Counselors