Professional Learning Communities

PROFESSIONAL LEARNING COMMUNITIES bring schools together with New Visions playing a facilitative role to allow for sharing of expertise, collective problem solving, generation of new knowledge and the strengthening of professional relationships. Activities are designed to provide embedded professional development on technical and analytical skills and utilize Google Apps for Education to increase the productivity and intensity of collaboration.

LEAD: Romina Carrillo

New Visions for Public Schools is providing support for Assistant Principals [AP] to deepen their supervision and evaluation skills aligned to instructional improvement efforts that will positively impact teaching practices and learning for all students.  Over the course of the school year we will focus on building AP capacity in the following key areas: Teacher Development, Student Achievement and Organizational Leadership. Four half-day professional development sessions co-facilitated by NVPS content specialists will be offered for all APs across the school year. These sessions will be grounded in content specifics referencing curricular and assessment resources and targeted instructional practices that will inform purposeful planning and frame the observational eye for APs. 

LEAD: Linda Williams Bowie

The Astor Center for Public School Libraries at New Visions in partnership with The NYC School Library System, Office of Library Services co-facilitates the Campus Librarian Network (CLN), a professional learning community of NYC school teacher librarians serving NV Affinity and Charter schools and other selected NYC schools.   The CLN will meet five times in FY 2015-2016  in PD designed to build the librarians capacity as instructional leaders, strengthen their ability to advocate and use library data, promote 21st century technology, and share best practices and resources around  NV Curriculum Projects. 

LEAD: E. Lydell Carter

New Visions College Awareness & Access Network (CAAN) seminars provide collaborative professional development opportunities for school counselors, college advisors, and teachers.  Led by our Community Engagement and College Readiness team, along with support from NV leadership, instructional and systems coaches our meetings help to connect the school counselors’ work to larger school goals around preparing students for the academic and social transition to college.  

Upcoming workshops include presentations from CUNY Central, SUNY Central, HESC and partners who support post-secondary readiness and transition. In addition, the session will address topics including: updates and resources related college applications and admissions at CUNY, SUNY & Private, student interventions and regents prep, HEOP, EOP, ASAP, CD & SEEK programs, financial aid, scholarships and awards letter information and reviews, (P)SAT/ACT prep and interventions, and strategies in support of first generation college students.

LEAD: Nancy Ulman

Transfer school principals and directors convene in our monthly Critical Friends Groups to discuss urgent issues facing our schools, updates in Academic Policy and Accountability, as well as discuss problems of practice. We employ the New Visions tools to monitor progress in key areas, including attendance, credit accumulation, Regents preparation and results, and graduation rates (for ALL potential graduates, as well as cohort graduates).We have built a strong community of trust wherein participants voice concerns/successes and share effective practices that impact student outcomes. Inter-school visitations have been an outgrowth of our CFGs, as well as shared work around literacy, numeracy and Academic Growth Mindset.