Spring 2018 Mock Regents

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Key Points:

- New Visions can provide Exam Booklets (for a fee to a third party DOE approved vendor) and bubble sheets to your school.
- New Visions can will score bubble sheet multiple choice responses.
- New Visions will populate the Google spreadsheet based tool with the multiple choice responses then send it to your school to fill in constructed response grades

Exams Offered (June 2017 Exam Forms except as listed below
 Living Environment  
Earth Science
Algebra I (Common core)
Geometry (Common core) - August 2017
Algebra II (Common Core) 
U.S. History
Global History and Geography (special post 1750 exam)
ELA (Common Core)

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New Visions

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February 6

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February 27

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March 9

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Final confirmation by March 13

If you are ordering exam booklets through New Visions

Budget Funds in Galaxy assuming weighted average of $0.60 per exam (DOE only)

Enter Purchase Order into FAMIS for Vanguard Printing (DOE only)

Delivery of Exam Booklets to Schools

March 2rd (DOE Budget Mod Deadline)

By March 9

Varies, see email

All schools

Mock Regents Tool will be ready with June 2017 Historical Data

March 15

If you are ordering exam booklets through New Visions and sending scoring sheets to New Visions

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March 19 to May 22