Spring 2020 Mock Regents FAQs

Guide to Mock Regents Tool? 

When are the Mock Regents?
- You can schedules the exams for anytime yourself, but we will be scanning in and analyzing responses between March 19 and May 23. 

When will the Mock Regents tool be ready?
- March 10

Do I need my own scanner?
- No, you will send us the bubble sheets and we will scan them in and upload them to your tool.

Do I need my own bubble sheets?
- No, we will provide a packet with bubble sheets, proctoring instructions, and directions for mailing us the bubble sheets after you administer the exam.

How will I send you the bubble sheets?
- We will provide a shipping label and cover sheet.  Fill out the cover sheet for each exam and mail them back to us using the provided shipping label.

What exams will the Mock Regents tool be based on?
- The tools will use the June 2019 Regents Exams except U.S. History and transition Global History.  See note on this page about the social studies exam exceptions.

Do I need to print out the exam booklets myself?
- We are offering printing and shipping of exam booklets from a third party vendor.  If you are interested in this, your school will be covering the cost.  If you are not interested in this, you can print out exam booklets on your own, or use old exam booklets.

What is the turn around time for data being analyzed?
- Once we receive your bubble sheets in the mail, it should be about a 3 business day turnaround.

Do we need to score anything ourselves?
-Yes! Your school is responsible for scoring the constructed response questions.  Once you receive the tool from us there is a place for you to enter the constructed response answers.  The student information and multiple choice responses will already be in the tool.

Can we administer the exams in another language?
- Yes.  We cannot print these booklets for you, but you are more than welcome to print them yourselves and use them, as they will not affect the analysis.

Can we omit parts of the exams?
Yes, you can cut questions / administer whichever parts of the exam you would like, but some of the analysis will be messed up in doing this. The item analysis for all of the questions will still work (it will just appear blank / wrong for the questions not administered), and a few of the larger key ideas / other categorical analysis should work fine, depending on what is cut out of the exam.  However, the overall exam analysis and Student Reports would reflect any omitted sections as wrong.

How does the tool break-down the data?
- With the Mock Regents Analysis Tool you can look at overall exam data, categorical and key idea data, question type data, data by teacher or class section, item level analysis, and student level data.

What is the cost of exam booklets if ordered through New Visions?

June 2019 Exam for Spring 2020 Mock Regents AdministrationStudent Booklet 1 Link (NYS) 

Cost Per Booklet
Living Environmenthttps://www.nysedregents.org/livingenvironment/619/lenv62019-examw.pdf $1.40 
ELAhttps://www.nysedregents.org/hsela/619/reela62019-exam.pdf  $1.04
Earth Science
Earth Science Answer Booklet
Algebra IIhttps://www.nysedregents.org/algebratwo/619/algtwo62019-exam.pdf $1.22
Algebra Ihttps://www.nysedregents.org/algebraone/619/algone62019-exam.pdf  $1.22
Geometryhttps://www.nysedregents.org/geometryre/619/geom62019-exam.pdf  $1.40
Chemistry Answer Booklet


Physics Answer Booklet
Global History and Geography IIhttps://www.nysedregents.org/ghg2/619/glhg2-62019-examw.pdf $1.40

Other questions? Email mockregentssupport@newvisions.org