Spring 2016 Mock Regents

We have a new and updated version of the Mock Regents Tool for this Spring!  This tool will be based on the June 2015 Regents Exams.

For the Guide to the 2016 Mock Regents click here!

Questions about logistics?  Watch this!

Key Points:

- New Visions can provide Exam Booklets (for a fee) and Bubble Sheets (for no charge) to participating schools
- New Visions can will score Bubble Sheet responses, unless you would like to do it at your school
- New Visions will populate the tool with the multiple choice responses then send it to your school to fill in constructed response grades
FAQs below
            Exams Offered:
                Algebra 1 (Common core)
                Geometry (Common core)
                ELA (Common core)
                Living Environment
                Earth Science
                U.S. History
                Global History and Geography