For 25 years, New Visions has been a partner to the New York City public schools supporting educators, students and their families. Through the New York City Department of Education’s Affinity structure, New Visions works with 70 secondary schools to refine and implement a common set of school improvement strategies which leverage the expertise of New Visions and of educators in New Visions schools. This work is organized around an overarching goal of ensuring that every student graduates from high school ready for post secondary opportunities.

New Visions works directly with school leaders and their teams as they design administrative and instructional systems that are responsive to the needs of diverse communities. This work includes technical support, development of critical curricular resources, tools development and a broad range of professional learning and networking opportunities which are described in this site. New Visions Affinity schools are primarily organized into two superintendencies and are provided operational and additional instructional supports by NYCDOE’s Affinity Support Group. Together with these district partners, New Visions works to create the conditions for educators to be successful.